We are Safco

Safco Fine Food is a local artisan food products that was established in 2012 by Mohammed Rashid, in Dublin. Mohammed was formerly a restaurateur and chef. He is also the author of the Indian cook-book ‘Chillies are hot, spices are not’. He lecturers and demonstrates cookery classes. Mohammed Rashid has over 20 years Of cheffing experience.

Mohammed started this business to fill-in the market gap of healthy vegan foods which are also appetising.

Safco Fine Foods Ltd. Provides a variety of healthy, Dairy-Free (Vegan) and gluten free products. Every product is made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Safco’s price range is just about unbeatable and you get great quality.

The range of products includes a gluten free and dairy-free falafel which is vegan and full of protein. The falafel is in two other flavours which are sweet potato and beetroot. Falafel burgers also come in the same flavours. Safco also provides a range of soups, sauces and hummus.

Safco is the first commercial falafel company in the Republic Of Ireland.



Fresh, Local Ingredients

At Safco we believe in supporting home grown Irish ingredients. Our products use fresh and locally produced Irish ingredients whenever possible to produce the finest authentic Asian food

Lower in Sugar and Fat

Safco products are lower in both fat and sugar content than our competitor’s products

No Added Colours or Preservatives

At Safco we believe our products are on par, if not better in taste than that of the competition. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used in our foods.

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